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When to walk away from foundation issues

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The foundation of any house constructed is very important. It is the base structure that provides support for the whole building. It has a major role in determining the structural integrity of your building. Once the foundation requires major repairs, the foundation problem must be attended to swiftly to avoid a house collapse.

Below, we would explain what foundation issues are, what causes them, how to identify them and how to know when to move away from foundation issues and not consider repair.

How to identify Foundation issues.

Before you make the decision whether to repair your foundation issues or to walk away, there are clear indicators of foundation problems that with the help of an expert, you can see them. A residential structural engineer can easily spot foundation problems. So when going for a home inspection, go with a professional home inspection agency

Although, here are some pointers to foundation issues:

  • Sagging floors or Uneven floors: when the foundation of a building weakens, it affects the position of the house structure, it makes it shift position which ultimately leads to sloping or uneven floors and sagging crawl space floors.
  • Crooked doors, sticking doors, and windows that jam and become difficult to open after a period of time.
  • Presence of pests
  • Lean chimney
  • Moist basement walls
  • Water damage in the basement.
  • Bowing basement walls

When is a Foundation issue beyond Repair?

It’s true that not all foundation issues are beyond repair, however, there are some foundations that have been damaged and are not worth repairing. Here are a few clear indicators.

  • When you notice walls bowing or inward bulging walls. It is an indicator of the pressure on the foundation, and if the foundation damage is not repaired for so long, it can become more difficult to repair.
  • Having cracks in different directions of the building wall. Just a single crack on the wall is a significant threat, it gets worse when you see horizontal cracks in more than one direction.
  • Uneven floors are indicators that the foundation of your home is sinking into the ground. if the house has sunk into the ground for so long it’s best to walk away from the foundation and move to a brand new foundation.

Foundation issues pose a risk and threat to the house structure. However not all foundation issues mean a total house collapse, it takes a while before a foundation problem poses such a threat especially when they are not attended to. If your foundation is not sound or has any of the severe cases above, it is advisable to move to another home.

And if you are planning to buy a building and you are not sure about the condition of the foundation, get the help of a professional for the assessment of the building before you finalize the purchase of the property.

Though no building is flawless, however, the foundation issues differ from one another, some are minor that can be fixed, and they shouldn’t be the reason why you abandon your dream home.

Causes of foundation issues

Lack of a proper foundation can lead to various kinds of structural problems for a home that would require more cash to fix foundation problems.

Not all foundation problems are caused by the longevity of the building, especially for houses that have crawl spaces, drainage issues, and water damage. There are many factors that can cause foundational issues.

Some of these factors include:

  • Foundation heave: this happens when the foundation soil rises up over a long period of time.
  • Stem walls deterioration: stem walls are placed on the concrete slab and are used as a structure for other floors and walls of the house to rest on.
  • Foundation settlement: it happens when the foundation soil of a house begins to shrink and it affects the foundation over time.


Foundation issues should not be taken with levity because it poses a great threat like a house collapsing. In most cases, the issue can be fixed if addressed early, though it will cost you, However, there are some red flags once noticed, it is best to walk away from the entire foundation and not try to repair them.