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How To Fix A Sinking Foundation

Table of Contents

To fix a sinking foundation, the installation of piers is necessary. Piers are metal poles inserted into the soil close to the building and then braced against the foundation, which cannot move any lower because of the piers holding it.

Sometimes, the piers occasionally can pull your foundation up and nearer to its initial position.

This piece will help you understand what makes a foundation sink and some of the possible causes. In addition, it will tell you the signs that show when a foundation starts sinking; and the possible ways to fix a sinking foundation.

What Causes Sinking in a Foundation?

Water is the cause of most damage to a foundation. Differences in soil moisture cause various soil constituents to expand or contract, making movement underneath the foundation possible.

However, your home can be more vulnerable to foundation harm if:

  • It’s constructed above incompletely compressed fill soils.
  • Too many tree roots are getting close to your house.
  • Poor leakage occurs near the foundation.
  • There’s a pipe leakage beneath the building.
  • You reside in a region with significant variations in seasons.
  • A drought, flood, or earthquake damaged the building.

What Makes A Foundation to Sink?

Poor Compaction

The residual air pockets present will pave the way for water to penetrate the foundation and make it start sinking if the soil beneath your foundation did not compress properly after construction.


When the soil near your foundation swells and water infiltrates it, the water will move into the foundation. Once there is more water than it can hold, the foundation will start to sink.


When water freezes into ice during a flood, the soil will swell beneath the house and can cause the foundation to be pushed up and out of place. The decrease in pressure causes the foundation to sink when the ice melts.

Signs of A Sinking Foundation?

Things that indicate when a foundation starts sinking are categorized into the indoor and outdoor signs:

Indoor Signs

  • Mismatched windows and doors
  • Floor breaks
  • Irregular surfaces
  • Foundation cracks
  • Interior drywall cracks around windows or doors.

Outdoor Signs

  • Twisted walls
  • Shattered bricks
  • A broken or damaged home’s foundation.
  • Stair step cracks

How Can A Sinking Foundation Be Fixed?

Here are some of the ways to fix a sinking foundation:

Concrete Patches And Sealing

Concrete patching and sealing involve using watertight masonry sealants like vinyl concrete, polyurethane, epoxies, or hydraulic cement to seal little cracks on a house’s foundation.

Slab Lifting

Slab lifting is a technique for lifting unequal or collapsing concrete. This procedure is also known as mud-jacking or slab balancing.

In the slab jacking technique, 2-inch holes are drilled into the concrete foundation and the submerged regions to raise the concrete foundation. Then, a mixture of mortar or soil is added to fill the space through this hole.

The broken slab is lifted back into position as the mixture expands.

Polyurethane Infusion

Polyurethane infusion is another option for slab jacking. This method involves pumping polyurethane via openings into the slab to fill the holes below.

Then, thick and lightweight material is introduced into the holes in place of natural materials, unlike slab lifting.

Note: Using slab jacking or polyurethane infusion requires frequent application every few years.

Piering or Piling

Piering or piling involves driving steel pipe piers into the soil beneath the foundation to fix a faulty house foundation and to resolve foundation base issues.

Here are various types of piers used in fixing a sinking foundation:

  • Helical Piers
  • Steel Push Piers
  • Casted Concrete Piers
  • Muzzled Concrete Piers
  • Metal Piers

Note: It is preferable to detect foundation issues early on and fix them to avoid water penetration and additional damage.

How to Prevent A Foundation From Sinking?

To prevent a foundation from sinking:

  • Include protective walls when constructing a house.
  • Clean up the clay-rich soil below the foundation.
  • Increase the drainage by using landscaping.
  • Always check to see that the drains are functional and neat.


What Is The Most Effective Technique For Foundation Repair?

The most effective way to fix a sinking foundation is to install piers. These steel piers will hold the foundation and prevent it from sinking more than it has already.

Nevertheless, a house’s foundation supports the whole structure, and early detection of faults and repair of cracks is crucial.

In Summary

From the article, you’ve seen many options for fixing foundation issues. Some fixes are temporal, while others provide a longer-lasting or lifelong remedy.

To find out which repair options will be most beneficial for your house, speak with concrete foundation specialists.